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"The world was created with fifty Gates of Understanding."
- Talmud, RH 21b

Join The Omer Project as we open the first forty-nine gates of understanding during the seven-week period of Sefirat HaOmer (Hebrew for "Counting of the Omer").

This year we will NOT gather on the streets of the Sunset and Richmond districts in San Francisco.

INSTEAD, we will count together at our homes once a week using the "I Count" card, and teachings will be shared via E-mail. To view the schedule and access the teachings, click here.

Rabbi Me'irah's artwork - wash hands

The amazing artwork used by The Omer Project comes, with generous permission, from Rabbi Me'irah of San Francisco. You can purchase her beautiful art at, or contact her at

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NOTE: All Hebrew pronunciations on this website are Ashkenazi, reflecting the tradition of Jews from Central and Eastern Europe. Please note that Jews from the four corners of the Earth pronounce Hebrew in their own unique ways. The Omer Project honors the diversity of our global Jewish heritage.